If your passenger cancels or doesn't show up

Sometimes passengers cancel bookings or don’t show up, which can be frustrating for drivers. We have different policies depending on the situation, all of which are listed below: 

If the passenger cancels

  • If the passenger cancels more than 24 hours before departure, we’ll refund their booking, excluding service fees. We also automatically make the seat available again - chances are drivers will get another booking! 
  • If the passenger cancels in the last 24 hours before departure, we’ll refund them 50% of the booking, excluding service fees. We’ll also compensate the driver 50% because the passenger cancelled shortly before the ride.
    If booked in the last 24 hours before the ride but cancelled within 30 minutes of booking, we’ll refund the passenger booking price, excluding service fees.

If the passenger doesn’t show up

  • If the passenger doesn’t show up at the meeting point, we’ll compensate the driver for the entire passenger contribution. It’s unfair for drivers to wait, so passengers should cancel their booking beforehand.

Note: In order to compensate drivers, they need to open a claim by heading to Your rides, selecting the passenger and reporting that they didn’t travel together. 



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