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To maintain trust and reliability within the BlaBlaCar community, all members need to provide and verify their mobile phone number before publishing or booking a ride.

To verify your mobile phone number: 

  1. Go to your Profile > About you
  2. Scroll and tap Verify your phone
  3. Select your country (the country code will be added automatically)
  4. Enter your phone number
  5. Click continue and we’ll send you an SMS with a 4-digit code (this can take a few minutes)
  6. Enter the 4-digit code

After verifying your phone number, you can manage your message notifications by going to your Profile > Account and choosing Notifications

To change/update your phone number

To change the phone number indicated on your Profile, select your phone number from the Edit personal details page and follow the steps above to verify your updated phone number. 


Your phone number will never be used for commercial purposes. Only after a booking is confirmed phone numbers on an account will be displayed to the other party, whether you're a passenger or driver. The number is saved on your profile, and is not displayed anywhere else on the site. 



If your number is not recognised or the 4-digit verification code didn’t reach you, here could be some reasons why:

Your phone number is incorrect

If the country code or phone number is entered incorrectly, check and update your number indicated on your Profile with accurate information.

Your phone number is already in use

If you get a message saying that your phone number is already linked to another account while registering your number, choose to log in to your already existing account rather than creating a new one. If your phone number is linked to an account that is not yours, please contact us.

You’re trying to verify a landline 

If you entered a landline number, update your phone number with a mobile number. Only mobile numbers can be registered on BlaBlaCar profiles, to make sure that members are reachable in all circumstances.

You can’t receive any text messages

If your mobile plan doesn’t include messaging, check with your mobile carrier to make sure that SMS messages are included in your plan.

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