How do I cancel a passenger's carpool booking?

If a driver cannot fulfill a ride that has been already booked, it is their responsibility to cancel in a timely manner to allow the passenger time to adjust their plans. Before cancelling we advise drivers to let passengers know by message that they cannot travel anymore.

To cancel a passenger’s booking:

  1. Go to Your Rides
  2. Select the ride you want cancel
  3. Choose the passenger in question and then Cancel this booking
  4. Select a reason from the dropdown list and add some more details (they’ll only be seen by us)
  5. Confirm the cancellation

Once the cancellation is confirmed, we’ll let the passengers know by SMS and email about the cancellation.

Cancellation penalties

Drivers won’t be penalised for cancelling, but when drivers cancel regularly and/or at the last minute, we can suspend them from offering rides to keep BlaBlaCar reliable.

Learn more about our Cancellation policy.

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