How do I stay safe on the road?

Stay safe by controlling what you can. Like seatbelts! Make sure everyone has one (and uses it). Here are simple ways to stay safe:

I’m a passenger

- Put your luggage in the boot, not on the rear window shelf.

- When travelling with young ones, you should bring a child seat if they're shorter than 135cm. It’s your responsibility, don’t assume the driver will have one.

- Offer to share the wheel, if you have a licence.

- Talk by all means, but don’t distract the driver.

I’m a driver

- Don’t use your phone! Your passengers can set up the sat nav, you can take calls hands-free.

- Take a break every two hours.

Travelling at night? Make sure you rest and take a nap before travelling.

- Make sure your vehicle is insured and has a valid Certificate of Fitness.

- Check your tyre pressure, oil, water, brakes, headlights, window wipers.

Respect all traffic laws.

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