Using search filters

Start simple

To see all your ride options, always start your search by telling us:

  • Where you’re leaving from
  • Where you’re going 
  • Your date of departure
  • The total number of passengers

To help you find a ride that you might be interested in, we’ll display rides that leave or arrive near you

Use our popular filters

To help you narrow your results, you’ll find useful filters at the top of the search results:

  • Cheapest: We’ll propose rides that will cost you the least.
  • Closest: We’ll suggest rides with departure points near you.

Filter by preferences 

Take your search to the next level by selecting the Filters option in the search results and sort by:

  • Departure time: Prefer to sleep in? Tell us when you prefer to leave(mornings, afternoons or evenings).
  • Earliest departure time: In a hurry? Search for a ride with the earliest departure time.
  • Lowest price: On a budget? Find the ride at the lowest price. 
  • Amenities: Onboard restrooms? ID verified? Instant booking? You got options!
  • Number of changes: Search for rides with one stop or direct rides only.


Still cannot find a ride? Create a ride alert and will let you know when a ride becomes available. 

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