Increasing your experience level

The best way to improve your Experience Level is to complete your profile:


> Verify your email address and mobile number

This raises your Level because other members know they will be able to contact you and it will be easy to organise ride details.


> Add your profile photo and a mini bio

This raises your Level because members like to know with whom they will be travelling. Your profile picture can be uploaded straight from Facebook, it only takes a few seconds. Your bio is just a sentence or two about you, for example, what music do you listen to in the car, what do you do for a living and maybe why you like to carpool?


> Fill in your preferences

This raises your Level because members have more information about you. You can indicate whether you smoke, you like travelling with animals, and if you are Bla, BlaBla or BlaBlaBla (Hence the name BlaBlaCar!). It’s quick and easy to do.


> If you offer rides, give details about your car

As a driver, this raises your Level, because co-travellers like to know the car they will be travelling in.


Complete your profile now!

> Give and get ratings:

Ratings have a powerful impact on your Level. Members get ratings from other members after they have travelled together. The more positive ratings you get, the higher your Level becomes. Our rating system is based on a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the highest attainable rating. A 3, 4, or 5 star rating is considered positive, while 1 or 2 star rating is considered negative. The best way to get ratings is to travel often and always leave them for other members: 75% of members who receive a rating leave one in return!

For full details on Experience Levels, click here.

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