What if I can't contact a passenger?

Can’t get in touch with your passenger? Take a quick look to make sure you have the right number.

We sent it to you by email and/or SMS when you accepted the booking.

Still no luck? Try sending them a message on BlaBlaCar. To do so, head to your Rides and then select the passenger you want to contact. From this page, you can send them a message.

If they’ve already started a conversation with you, just tap the envelope icon.

Still no luck? Yikes, we’re sorry. If there’s still some time before your ride leaves, then it might be worth waiting a bit to see if they get back to you. With different work/life schedules, it takes some people longer than others.

If you’re worried that your ride is approaching, you can cancel their booking and report that they’re unreachable. Their seat will be available for another passenger to book.

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