How many passengers can I take?

The maximum number of seats you can offer is 4. If your car is small, keep the middle seat free! It’ll be more comfortable for your passengers which they’ll appreciate! 

Why is there a limit on the number of passengers on a ride?

Carpooling is based on the sharing of costs (fuel, tolls, vehicle depreciation, repairs, insurance, etc.) and is not intended to be a means of making money. Therefore, drivers who end up taking more than 4 passengers at the recommended price can find themselves generating a profit from the ride. This creates 2 potential problems:

  1. In case of an accident, your insurance could refuse to cover you and other people, as an individual insurance plan does not cover drivers who generate a profit from their trip.
  2. The transport of passengers is a regulated activity. If the driver is generating a profit from the ride, then the police could potentially issue substantial fines for the illegal transport of passengers.

To avoid these issues, we limit the number of passengers allowed in a vehicle to a maximum of 4, even for vehicles that can accommodate more.

Note: You cannot offer more than 4 seats in your vehicle or post the same ride multiple times with different profiles.

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