Carpooling experience : Safety tips

At BlaBlaCar, we value our members’ safety and have put several trust features in place to create a trustworthy community. 

No one should have to experience inappropriate behaviour, and we are here to help you recognise and report it promptly. Here are some tips for a secure experience and to help keep our community safe:

On our platform

  • Verify reliability: Look for a Verified Profile badge and "Ambassador" profiles when searching for a ride. Members who want to contribute to a trustworthy community have verified their ID, email, and phone number. 
  • Check ratings: Ratings are crucial for building trust between members and for making informed decisions. Take a look at them when choosing who you travel with. 
  • Communicate through BlaBlaCar only: Use our messaging system to share ride details. Report any messages that seem inappropriate or suspicious.
  • Confirm the meeting point: Familiarise yourself with the ride's meeting point and ensure it's an easily accessible public location like a train station, airport, or shopping centre. On BlaBlaCar, you can find a list of suggested meeting points near the departure and arrival location.
  • Keep an eye out for Ladies Only rides: We believe that by promoting trust and safety we help to create a more inclusive environment for women. BlaBlaCar offers an option that displays rides for women wishing to travel with other women only. This provides women with the option to choose how they prefer to carpool.

Preparing to travel

  • Charge your phone: Before the ride, we recommend having a fully charged phone and keeping it on. Take screenshots of important ride details in case of low battery.
  • Consider sharing your trip details: Share your itinerary details with a trusted person before departure and update them throughout the ride. 

At the meeting point

  • Verify fellow carpoolers: Ensure they match their profile descriptions to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Check the car: The driver's car must match the make and model of the ride details

If this is not the case, cancel the ride and report the member immediately.

We encourage our members to report any misbehaviour or incidents to us so that we can take appropriate action. If you wish to report an incident anonymously, you can flag the user via their profile and send a written report to our team. 

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