How do I get help or contact BlaBlaCar?

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, find help for your BlaBlaCar ride. 

Contact your carpool driver or passenger

Sending a direct message on BlaBlaCar is the quickest way to resolve an issue with your carpool booking.

Contact the bus company

Get in touch through our contact form or call the phone number on your bus ticket or booking confirmation to get help with your bus ride.

Search our Help Centre

Visit our Help Centre to find answers to our frequently asked questions, including: 

Contact BlaBlaCar

Need more help for your bus or carpool ride? Contact us by email and our community relations team will get in touch.

Important: BlaBlaCar only has an emergency phone number for confirmed bus passengers indicated on the bus ticket. If you encounter a BlaBlaCar phone number online, do not call — it’s a scam.

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