How do I know if a website or link is really from BlaBlaCar?

BlaBlaCar will never ask for your login or payment details off-site the BlaBlaCar platform. However, you may occasionally encounter a link to a fraudulent website made to look like BlaBlaCar.

 These are called phishing scams and are designed to steal your personal information (payment card details, password, bank info). 

How to identify fraudulent links

Suspicious links often include the BlaBlaCar logo and contain content taken from the official BlaBlaCar website. Always check the URL; it's a scam if it doesn’t match the official BlaBlaCar website. Here are some tips to help you identify fraud:

Check for legitimate links

A legitimate BlaBlaCar link will always begin with a padlock in the browser (lock-solid.svg), have a secure URL (https://) and country-specific domain ( — like,, or

Check the entire website address

A scammer may use instead of A link could have a padlock and begin with the same URL name but still be fraudulent. Pay attention to subtle hints such as misspellings and extra characters in the address. 

Reporting scams

If you encounter a suspicious link via message or email, do not follow it and report it immediately.








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