Setting up your bank account

To receive payments to your bank account you will need to add your bank account details to your account. 

How to add or update your bank details

  1. Go to your Profile > Account > Transfer methods
  2. Select Bank account
  3. Add your bank details and press Save
  4. Confirm your postal address and date of birth. 

Wait for a small deposit to confirm your account is ready. If you've set up more than one transfer method, you can set one as default.

Your bank details

You'll find your IBAN (ex. GB26MIDL40051512345674) and BIC (ex. BARCGB22) code on your bank statements, but if you don’t have any on hand, log into your online banking account or call your local branch.

Make sure to enter the info without extra spaces or special characters.

Online banks

We currently accept Revolut accounts with French or Lithuanian IBANs (beginning with FR or LT) and Wise accounts. We do not accept Monzo accounts. We can only make SEPA Direct Debit payments to UK bank accounts at the moment.

We recommend uploading another bank account to your profile or getting your money through your PayPal account

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