Cross-border travel: precautions and required documents

Carpooling abroad

Travelling abroad by car is no different from hopping on a plane or train; bring your passport and a visa if you need one.

Unsure what documents you need? Check the Foreign Office’s website. Your local embassy or immigration office will know if you're not from the UK.

Before the ride, your passengers may ask you if they can travel with different types of ID. If you’re British, we completely understand if you’re unsure whether a passenger can use an Italian ID card to travel to France. Fortunately, the EU’s website will clear this up. You can also verify your passenger’s country of origin with the embassy.

When picking them up, also remember to check your passengers’ documents.

Note: The above mention also applies to members booking for friends or relatives.

Travelling abroad by bus

To board the bus, you'll need your:

Carefully read the information in your booking confirmation email. Bus companies often indicate mandatory check-in times for international travel — otherwise, arrive at least 1 hour before departure time.

Have a child that needs to travel? Learn more about our child travel policy

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