Carpool cancellation and refund policy

Refunds and compensations depend on who can’t travel as planned and when they let us know.

If the carpool passenger :

  • Doesn’t show up at the meeting point; we’ll compensate the driver for the entire passenger contribution. It’s not fair for drivers to wait, so passengers should cancel their booking beforehand.
  • Cancels more than 24 hours before departure; we’ll refund their booking, excluding service fees.
  • Cancels in the last 24 hours before departure time: If the passenger books more than 24 hours in advance, we’ll refund them 50% of the booking, excluding service fees. We’ll also compensate the driver 50% because the passenger cancelled shortly before the ride.
    If booked in the last 24 hours before the ride but cancel within 30 minutes of booking, we’ll refund their booking, excluding service fees.

If the carpool driver:

  • Cancels a booking online: We’ll fully refund the passenger, including service fees.
  • Should’ve cancelled a booking online but didn’t: The passenger should give us a heads up that they didn’t travel together from the Your rides page on their profile within 24 hours of the departure time. They’ll need to select why this ride couldn’t happen and provide all relevant details. 
    The driver will get the next seven days to agree or disagree. We’ll fully refund the passenger if the driver agrees, including service fees. If the driver disagrees, we’ll ask them to provide details. We’ll process the refund according to our Cancellation Policy. Keep an eye on your emails because we may be in touch to ask for more information.


* This article applies to domestic rides in the UK. When travelling abroad, the other country’s cancellation and refund policy will apply. There are no refunds or compensation when the passenger is meant to pay for the ride in cash.

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