What happens when your ID is checked

When you upload your ID for verification on the BlaBlaCar app, our third-party service provider compares your name, date of birth and gender on your ID with your BlaBlaCar profile. If any of the information does not match, BlaBlaCar amends the personal data on your profile so that it matches the information on your ID. 

If you notice a mistake in your name and/or date of birth, you can edit in in your Profile by clicking on Edit personal details.

If you need to change your gender, please contact us directly. 

What gets shared with the community

The photo and details of your passport and national identity card are kept strictly confidential. Your ID is never shared with anyone else. Neither BlaBlaCar nor our provider will perform any background checks on your past, personal, or professional life.

Moreover, your ID will not be visible to other people visiting your BlaBlaCar profile. Other members will only see the tick label ID-verified displayed on your profile. 

Please note that your age will be displayed on your profile. We do this to ensure our platform remains secure and reliable as displaying your age helps maintain a level of trust amongst our members. 

For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.

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