Increasing your experience level

Your experience level on BlaBlaCar is calculated on the number of the ratings you have received, how complete your profile is, the verification of your information and your seniority.

Carpooling depends on trust. The experience level is a simple and visual way to develop trust between members.

How your Experience Level is calculated

Having a high level shows that you are a highly trusted member of the BlaBlaCar community. Your Level is based on the following factors:

  • Verified Identity
  • Email and mobile number verification
  • The completion of your profile
  • Number of ratings and the per cent of positive ratings left for you by other members
  • How long you have been a member for

Your level is updated every night at 2 am. This way, your overall experience level is calculated over the long term and not on a single trip.

How to increase my experience level?

Fill your profile to reach 100% profile completion:

  • Verify your identity: This raises your level because other members know they can contact you, and it will be easy to organise journey details.
  • Add your personal details: Enter your name, birth year, and mini bio.
  • Add your profile photo: This raises your Level because members like to see who they'll be travelling with. You can upload your profile photo straight from Facebook; it only takes a few seconds!
  • Set your preferences: This raises your Level because members have more information about you. You can indicate whether you smoke, like travelling with animals, and if you are Bla, BlaBla or BlaBlaBla (Hence the name BlaBlaCar!). It’s quick and easy to do.
  • Leave and receive ratings: Ratings have a powerful impact on your Level. Members get ratings from other members after they have travelled together. The more positive ratings you get, the higher your Level becomes. The rating system ranges from Excellent to Very Disappointing. To pass to the next level, 90% of your ratings must be either Excellent, Good or Okay. The best way to get ratings is to travel often and always leave them for other members: 75% of members who receive a rating leave one in return!


Note: Your level is recalculated every night. This way, your overall experience level is calculated over the long term and not on a single trip.

Example: If you add your picture to your profile today, it will be validated by the BlaBlaCar team. Then, your experience level will be recalculated at night.


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