Transporting parcels or animals

It's prohibited to send an unaccompanied animal or parcel in a carpool. For security reasons, animals and parcels will only be allowed in a carpool if the owner is travelling with them.


Community standards

At BlaBlaCar, our primary activity remains connecting drivers with empty seats to passengers travelling the same way, as a means of sharing the costs of travel. By prohibiting the transport of anything besides passengers, we hope to improve the quality and reliability of our service and simplify the exchange between members.

It is important to know that, as a driver, you are solely responsible for the transport of the passengers and objects that are in your vehicle. For this reason, it is very important that you know who and what you are transporting, and to ask to open any luggage (bags, suitcases, parcels, etc) that you will accept in your vehicle. Therefore, we have decided to apply this restriction as a security measure and as a means of protecting you when you travel with BlaBlaCar.

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