🤔 How to use BlaBlaCar search API?

BlaBlaCar search API allows to search for carpool trips, just as the BlaBlaCar’s website does. The web service is based on REST and is available in the JSON format.

🎉 Getting started

Get an API key

In order to access to BlaBlaCar's search API, you first need to ask for an API key here.

Ask for an API key


You will then receive your credentials by email, and be able to do queries, with an initial quota of 1000 queries / day. When you are ready to go to production and need a bigger quota, feel free to contact us or open a new request, with the same email.

Keep posted

From time to time, we will send planned maintenances, status and important evolutions on this awesome mailing list. Feel free to register if you want to stay informed.

How NOT to use the API?

  • As a realtime platform, seats availability may change very often and there might be new trips offered anytime. For this reason, you shouldn't cache the results you retrieve from the API, or for a very small time (10 min max). Also, caching may bypass the "locale" parameter which would result into not the best relevant experience for the user
  • Every query should be triggered by a real user input
  • There is no bulk query so you need to make 1 query for each user's request


You can find images resources and logos and resources on this page.

Terms && Conditions

By using this service, you agree to our Terms and conditions. You can find our Privacy Policy in English on our uk website.

🚀  Switch To Production

When you are ready to go live, you need to contact us to sign a license agreement, and to have access to a bigger quota. The basic quota is limited to 1.000 queries per day.


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