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The API gives access to carpool trips on BlaBlaCar.

The base URL of the API is:


The path to search for trips is:

GET /api/v3/trips

Your API key must be provided as a query parameter in all your requests, like below:

curl https://public-api.blablacar.com/api/v3/trips?key=YOUR_API_KEY&from_coordinate=48.864716%2C2.349014&from_country=FR&to_coordinate=51.509865%2C-0.118092&to_country=GB&locale=fr-FR&currency=EUR&from_cursor=cGFnZT0xOA%3D%3D&start_date_local=2019-01-10T08%3A55%3A00

Each trip result includes a link to get more details on this specific trip on BlaBlaCar's platform.

How to redirect to Blablacar website?

You should not try to rewrite the redirection link. You should use the one returned in the trip result and concatenate your marketing/campaign code.


This page is deep-linked and the website will detect if it's a mobile device and if the BlaBlaCar's app is on the device. In such a case, the user will be redirected to the app.

Query Parameters

Name Type Required Description Example
from_coordinate String Required The departure coordinate.

Format: "latitude,longitude" url encoded.

to_coordinate String Required

The arrival coordinate.

Format: "latitude,longitude" url encoded.

locale String Optional The locale in which the result will be displayed. Available locales and their possible currencies are detailed here.
Defaults to the main locale of the departure country if supported or else to the UK locale.
currency String Optional The ISO_4217 currency in which the price will be returned.
Defaults to the currency of the country of the given or computed locale.
from_cursor String Optional Results are returned using pagination. The cursor is a reference to the current page. The results for the next page, if any, can be fetched using the next_cursor attribute. If a request is made without specifying a from_cursor, the results of the first page will be returned. cGFnZT0xOA==
count Integer Optional

The number of trips to return per page, up to a maximum of 100. Default value is 10.

start_date_local String(date-time) Optional Search for trips starting after this date. The time is supposed to be in the timezone of the departure point.

Format: "yyyy-M-dTHH:mm:ss".

Default value is current DateTime.
end_date_local String(date-time) Optional Search for trips ending before this date. The time is supposed to be in the timezone of the arrival point.

Format: "yyyy-M-dTHH:mm:ss"

Default value is end of the day of current DateTime.

You cannot search for trips on more than 3 days in a row.

requested_seats Integer Optional The minimum number of seats requested. Default value is 1. 1
radius_in_meters Integer Optional

Determines the radius of the circle around the given search coordinates in which trips will be searched from, up to a maximum of 50000 (in meters).

If you're not sure of what value to use for this parameter, you can not send that parameter and the algorithm will rely on a calculation based on the distance of the trip (longer trips will have larger radiuses).

sort String Optional

Determines the field (departure_datetime or price) and order (ascending or descending) trip results are sorted by. By default, results are sorted by departure datetime in ascending order.

Allowed values: "departure_datetime:asc", "departure_datetime:desc", "price:asc", "price:desc"




Name Type Comment
link String The URL to redirect to the search results page on the BlaBlaCar website. 
search_info Object Information about the search
trips Array of trips Detail of the trips found which match the query
next_cursor String The reference to the next page. This parameter will be null for the last page of results returned.


The format of each response object is detailed here.

In case of errors, look at this article.

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