What is the Verified Profile badge?

The Verified Profile feature was designed to help the community identify the most trusted members so they can feel safer when choosing who to travel with. It is indicated with a badge Verified Identity badge.svg.

Members who want to build a reliable and trustworthy community will go one step further by submitting their ID, email address and phone number for verification. The verification process is completed after matching the information provided by the member with the information displayed on their profile.

Note: The Verified Profile badge means that a member has provided the required information to complete the verification process. While we cannot guarantee a member's identity, the Verified Profile feature is a step towards building trust in our community.

Do I have to verify my profile?

While having a Verified Profile is not mandatory, we encourage all members to verify their profile as it helps build trust in our community. For drivers, the badge also helps your Profile stand out to passengers searching for a ride, which leads to more successful rides.


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