Reporting inappropriate behaviour: What to do if you feel unsafe

BlaBlaCar does not tolerate any form of abusive behaviour. Any non-consensual behaviour, with sexual intent, is not allowed or tolerated and should be reported immediately. 

Further information on what inappropriate behaviour looks like can be found here.

BlaBlaCar has developed features that aim to foster trust and safety within our community, such as Verified Profile, ratings, “Ambassador” and “Super Driver” badges and the Ladies Only option. We take reports of inappropriate behaviour very seriously and strive to create a safe and respectful community for our members. 

However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a BlaBlaCar ride, it's important to report it to BlaBlaCar and the authorities immediately. 

Here are the actions we recommend you take:

  1. Firmly say "no": If a conversation or situation makes you feel uneasy or unsafe, clearly communicate your discomfort and ask the person to stop. If other passengers are onboard, they can support you and intervene. 
  2. Share your experience: Notify your loved ones of what is going on and provide them with details about the incident and the ride.
  3. Report to BlaBlaCar: You can report the incident to BlaBlaCar from the member's profile by selecting Report this member which will anonymously flag the member up to us. When reporting an incident to our team, members' privacy is always maintained.
  4. Contact emergency services: If you ever feel threatened or unsafe, call 999, or 112 the European emergency line, or reach out to someone who can contact the authorities on your behalf.

If you have been a victim of sexual violence, it's important to report the crime to the authorities. Consider: 

  • Reporting it to the Police 
  • Contacting hotlines - Police or government-certified hotlines allow anonymous reports, offer psychological help and provide further information and guidance.

Victims of sexual harassment are never at fault. Reporting incidents can help hold members accountable for their actions, prevent them from doing it again, and make the platform safer for other members.

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