How do I access messages from passengers and respond to them?

You’re never further than a click away from getting in touch with passengers. 

Your Inbox makes it easy for you to connect with passengers before and after a ride is confirmed. If you would like to know more details about a passenger, tap on their photo to view their profile. 


If you cannot reply to previously exchanged messages

If you made some big updates to your ride (date, time, city of departure/arrival) before passengers have booked, a new version of your ride is created. This is why you can’t respond to messages that you previously exchanged because they’re linked to an old version of your ride that no longer exists.

Our advice? If you need to edit your ride again in the future, warn interested passengers beforehand via message. 

If the passenger isn’t responding after booking your ride

If you have a confirmed booking approaching and your passenger isn’t responsive, you can cancel their booking and report that they’re unreachable. Their seat will become available for another passenger to book.

Note: After the ride is confirmed, passenger contact information and ride details are always available in your Ride plan from Your rides page.


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