If you cannot log in or sign up

If you're having trouble signing up or logging in, here could be some reasons why?

You closed your account due to negative ratings

If you closed your account due to negative ratings, your re-registration with the same phone number or email will be blocked. However, you can reactivate your account upon request but note that the negative ratings received will remain attached to it. 

You already have an account

It’s possible that you already have an account with your email address. Login with this email address and your password. If you forgot your password you can always reset your password.

You signed up using your Apple or Facebook account

Your profile already exists with your Facebook or Apple credentials and you tried to login with an email. We recommended logging in with your Apple or Facebook account. If you prefer to log in directly, you can do so by creating a password.

You reset your password but still cannot login

If you reset your password but still cannot login you we recommended reinstalling the app or double checking that cookies are activated in your browser settings. If that doesn’t work try using incognito or the other browser when resetting your password from your email. 


Still no luck? Contact us with the details of your issue.


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