Messaging carpool drivers

Once you’ve found a ride, you can book without contacting the driver beforehand. However, some passengers prefer to ask the driver questions prior to booking the ride. 

Inquiring about a ride

Unless you found a carpool ride with Instant Approval, you’ll have to request a driver to accept your carpool booking request. It is a good idea to message a driver before booking, since they can answer any additional questions about their carpool ride.

Contacting the driver

Before contacting the driver, we recommend reviewing all the ride details, as the information you’re inquiring about may be already available. To contact a driver, from the ride offer click Contact Driver. Most drivers respond within a few hours. 

Note: You won’t be able to message a driver if their ride leaves in 15 minutes or less, if the ride is in the past or if the driver refused your request or if there are no seats left. 

Exchanging information

Tips to keep you safe while exchanging messages with other members:

  • Only exchange on BlaBlaCar: Do not exchange on other platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger) before booking.
  • Keep your personal info secure: Never share your personal information like phone number, email and payment details before booking a ride.

Don’t follow links in messages: Never click on or open a link in suspicious or unsolicited messages on the BlaBlaCar platform or third party messaging apps.

If the driver isn’t responding

If the driver isn’t responding, consider reaching out to other drivers. You can message as many drivers as you would like, so it’s up to them to respond to you in a timely manner or risk losing their chance of having you as a passenger. Keep in mind that not everybody has the same availability. The driver could be busy at work, for instance.

Contacting the driver after booking a ride 

After your carpool booking is confirmed, you can reach your driver by their phone number sent to you by email or by selecting your booked ride in Your rides, tapping the driver's name and contacting them(call & SMS). You can also use your Inbox to message the driver. 


Note: If it's impossible for you to get in touch with the driver after the ride is booked, you'll have to cancel your booking and select that the driver was unreachable.


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