Uploading your profile photo

The more details your profile has the more rides you're likely to get. Having a profile photo shows you’re reliable and authentic to people who don’t know you yet. 

To add a profile photo:

  1. Go to your Profile > About you
  2. Select Add profile picture


You can choose to take a photo with your phone or upload a photo of yourself in the format of a jpeg, gif, or png (2MB maximum). Once uploaded, you will be able to see your photo. However, only when the moderation/approval process is complete, your photo will be visible to other members. Keep in mind the following profile photo guidelines when uploading your profile picture :

  • Be alone
  • Be recognisable
  • Do not wear sunglasses
  • Zoomed in on your face
  • Be presentable (Don’t forget to smile)

If your photo is of an illustration, funny faces, blurry or zoomed out, your photo will not be approved. The moderation process can take up to 24 hour depending on the activity.

To change your profile photo:

To change or update your profile photo, go to your Profile > About you > Edit profile picture



Your profile photo isn’t visible to other members

If your profile photo isn't visible on your profile page to other members, it means it hasn’t been approved yet. You will be notified via email if your profile photo could not be approved with the reasons why. The approval process can take up to 24 hours.

Your profile photo was refused

If your photo did not meet the requirements mentioned above, upload a new image. Make sure to crop and centre the photo of your face, so that you can be easily recognised. Your profile photo can be refused if:

  • You are wearing sunglasses
  • It is blurry or impossible to see your face
  • Is of an illustration or fictional character
  • The photo is cropped or taken from afar
  • There are several people in the photo
  • Is it low quality
  • Does not meet the purpose of the service (provocative or inappropriate content)
  • Shows contact information (phone, email, address ...)


Your image is too large

If the file size of the image you would like to use is too large(must not exceed 2 MB), you will need to reduce its size

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