How do I cancel a carpool ride as a driver of a ride?

If something unexpected has come up and you’re no longer planning to make your journey, please delete your ride as soon as possible.

Your co-travellers need to be notified as soon as possible so they can find another ride. Once you’ve deleted your ride on the website or mobile app, they’ll be notified immediately, but it would also be a nice touch if you contacted them yourself to let them know.

To delete your ride, go to “Rides offered”, find the ride you need to cancel and click “Delete”.

There are no penalties for deleting a ride, and the reason you give won’t be published on your profile. However, to keep the platform reliable for co-travellers, BlaBlaCar reserves the right to block car owners who delete their rides too often.

If for any reason you can no longer travel with one of your co-travellers, but you’re still travelling with your other co-travellers, you can cancel an individual booking at any time. From your dashboard, go to “Rides offered” and click on “See co-travellers”. From here you can cancel any co-traveller’s booking. Again, it would be nice if you contact them yourself to let them know you’ve cancelled their booking.

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