About BlaBlaCar and the NGO Superhumans Center fundraising

About BlaBlaCar and the NGO Superhumans Center fundraising

After a year of full-scale war, Ukraine needs help more than ever. BlaBlaCar and the NGO Superhumans Center have partnered to launch an international fundraising campaign for prosthetics for Ukrainians affected by the war. The campaign is aimed to fundraise 250,000 EUR. BlaBlaCar has committed to donate 50,000 EUR to start the campaign and encourages its members from 16 countries to join.

The campaign aims to fundraise 250,000 EUR, with 100% of the funds transferred to Superhumans to provide prostheses for adults and children in need.


How to donate

To donate, head to the BlaBlaCar x Superhuman Center landing page to contribute any amount in the local currency. For more details, please visit our blog article.  


More about the NGO Superhumans Center

The NGO Superhumans Center is a prosthetics, rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery clinic for all those affected by the war in Ukraine. The mission of the Superhumans Center is to build high-quality expertise in prosthetics and high-tech medical interventions in Ukraine; to treat Ukrainians who got injured at home, close to their families.

Everything in the clinic will be completely free for patients. Superhumans is not a commercial project and will never become one. It will be funded by donations from major international foundations and private donors.

After the successful launch of the clinic in the Lviv region in the spring of 2023, Superhumans may be scaled up to other regions of Ukraine. 

The project's founders are a well-known Ukrainian businessman, co-owner of the largest seaport TIS Andriy Stavnitser and his partner Philip Grushko.

Learn more about the NGO Superhuman Center.

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