How can Ukrainian refugees travel with BlaBlaCar buses?

If you’re arriving from Ukraine and are in need of transportation in Western Europe, BlaBlaCar can help you travel by bus, free of charge.

How to request your free bus ride(s):

  1. Fill out our contact form (English or Ukrainian)
  2. Select BlaBlaCar Bus and with the subject Payment & Voucher
  3. In the Description indicate UKRAINE and give us details, like your:
    • Departure and arrival destination
    • Date and time of departure
    • Name and Surname as written on your passport — to be checked

One of our community relations members will book your free bus ride(s). After confirming the information, you'll receive your bus ticket(s) by email. 

Passport and visa

Ukrainian citizens can travel in the Schengen Area (including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain). For international travel to the United Kingdom and Switzerland, checking the required conditions before booking is strongly recommended.


Some countries have put in place specific entry requirements. The latest official government information is available on


BlaBlaCar has a community of 8 million Ukrainian members registered on its platform. In the current situation, we are expressing our deepest support to the Ukrainian people today.

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