I think my account has been compromised

Something doesn’t seem right? These steps can help you determine if your account has been compromised and regain control.

Signs your account is compromised:

  • You received an email about a password change or account update, but it wasn’t you.
  • Your password no longer works while logging into your account
  • You’ve requested to change your password, but you haven’t received an email (don’t forget to check your spam).
  • You received email notifications about a trip you didn’t publish.
  • You see messages you didn’t send.
  • You don’t recognise some of your account details, like profile photo, payment/transfer methods or contact info.
  • You see a charge to your payment method for a ride you didn’t book.

Regaining your account access

If you think your BlaBlaCar account is compromised, use these steps to gain control of your account:

If you’re able to login to your account: 

  • Change your password and create a strong password
  • Check for account updates and change back any information that isn’t correct or that you don’t recognise — like your payment/transfer methods, email and phone number.

If you’re unable to log in:

If you cannot access your account, contact us immediately with the email and phone number used to create your BlaBlaCar account. We'll help you get to the bottom of it.

To help prevent someone from logging into your account, look at our tips for online security.

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