Coronavirus: Driver safety & precautions

We’re delighted that you want to help others get to places that are important to them and understand your concern given the current health situation.

Asking passengers for health documents

You may ask your passengers to present a negative PCR test, vaccination records or a health pass. However, it's not currently mandatory for carpooling passengers to present this information or be vaccinated to carpool. 

Our advice: Clarify your preferences on the Additional details section of your publication and settle on an agreement with passengers prior to the ride. If there is no agreement, you can always forgo travelling with them.

Travelling abroad

As it’s passengers’ responsibility to check the latest official government information of your departure and arrival destination and follow through with the necessary requirements, drivers are not required to check if passengers have a PCR test for cross-border trips.  However, it’s highly recommended as no one wants to get stuck at the border— a friendly reminder never hurts! 

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Safety tips & preferences

In order to protect yourself and your fellow passengers, drivers are asked to respect wearing a mask, social distancing and regularly ventilating their vehicle during the ride.





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