Paying and communicating with drivers

Your booking confirmation and payment to the driver are made automatically on the BlaBlaCar platform. Some drivers may suggest chatting or paying through a link on Whatsapp, by text, or somewhere other than the BlaBlaCar platform. But if you do, you lose the protection of our cancellation and refund policies.

Paying your driver

If your ride goes as planned, the driver is automatically paid or can request their money transfer on the BlaBlaCar platform. No matter how far in advance you book, the driver doesn't receive payment until at least 24 hours after departure.

If a driver sends you a payment link through BlaBlaCar's messaging or outside of our platform before a booking is confirmed, please let us know by going to the member's Profile and selecting Report this member.

We protect our BlaBlaCar members

We work tirelessly to ensure you can enter your payment details and message other community members on BlaBlaCar without concern. Our site and apps are secure and encrypted, and we review and block any potentially dangerous messages.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

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