BlaBlaCar's service fee

How service fees work

Only the passenger pays an online service fee when booking a ride. The price of the ride set by the driver is paid to the driver online after the ride is complete.  

How the amount is calculated

The amount of the service fee is calculated from the price the driver sets for their ride. Passengers who are browsing carpool rides are shown the total price that they’ll pay to book the carpool ride.

How service fees are paid

Passengers will be charged an online service fee when booking. That is why the price of your ride in the search is slightly higher — it takes into account the fee. 

How service fees are refunded

As long as a pending booking request hasn't been approved by the driver, passengers can cancel their booking request and won't be charged for the ride or service fee. If the driver cancels after the booking is confirmed, passengers will be automatically refunded the cost of the booking, including service fees.

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