How to use Boost

We understand not everyone can always stop to pick up or drop off passengers on their way. That's why you can choose to turn Boost on or off.

To turn Boost on or off:

  1. Go to Your rides
  2. Select the ride you want to update
  3. Tap Edit your publication > Boost booking requests
  4. Click on the Blue check box
  5. Press Save

How it works

With Boost on, our technology proposes rides in the search results with convenient meeting points for passengers searching along your route.  Once you approve a Boost booking request, the proposed meeting point becomes a new stopover available for regular bookings. 

With Boost turned off, you’ll only receive bookings and requests for the initial ride published.

Responding to Boost booking requests

You must approve or decline the Boost booking request before they expire within 312 hours by responding to the alert or selecting the publication in Your Rides

If you decide the request fits your ride plan, tap Approve, and your ride plan is updated with the stopover. You’ll be able to receive regular bookings on the new stopover if seats are still available. 

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