If the driver asks you to pay outside of BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar will never ask for your login or payment details off-site the BlaBlaCar platform. If you paid for a ride outside of BlaBlaCar (ex: a wire or bank transfer) and the ride doesn't appear in Your rides section, you may have paid for a fraudulent booking. To get help, contact us immediately.

Reporting requests for offsite payment

If your ride goes as planned, the driver is automatically paid or can request their money transfer on the BlaBlaCar platform. No matter how far in advance you book, the driver doesn’t receive payment until at least 24 hours after the departure time.

If a driver sends you a payment link through BlaBlaCar’s messaging or outside of our platform before a booking is confirmed, please let us know by going to the member's Profile and selecting Report this member.

Reporting suspicious messages

  1. Go to your Inbox and select the conversation with the suspicious message
  2. From Our guidelines page, Tap Report this thread
  3. Choose the reason you’re reporting the message and follow the onscreen prompts

Identifying scams

Never share your contact information (phone number, email) before a booking is confirmed, and always carefully examine links and emails claiming to be from BlaBlaCar.

  • Phishing scam: You receive an email or link that looks like it's from BlaBlaCar or another trusted site. These messages are designed to trick you into providing confidential information such as passwords or other email addresses. 
  • Advance fee scam: A driver offers to pay you or give you something if you pay through a service outside of BlaBlaCar.

Learn more on how to identify fraudulent links .

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