How do I ask the driver a question before I book?

Sometimes it is necessary to ask the driver questions prior to booking, even if most of the important information (meeting point, stopovers, length of trip, etc.) is available on the ride offer and can be enough to book your seat directly.

BlaBlaCar provides a fully integrated and efficient messaging service.

We developed the messaging service on the BlaBlaCar site as a means for members to get in touch with each other easily and at no cost.

Manage all your messages from BlaBlaCar messaging service:

-        Your public questions

-        Your private messages

-        Your archived messages

If you want to write a message to your driver regarding a ride they are making, whether it be a specific question or just to get more details, all you have to do is log in and click on the trip you are interested in. You must also verify your telephone number in this process, so as to ensure your profile is valid and in good standing.

You can also ask the driver questions at the bottom of the ride offer, where you can access the Public questions forum.

You also have the option to contact the driver after booking your seat online. You will then have access to their phone number and private messages.

If you cannot find the Public question forum at the bottom of the ride offer, it is because the ride is not available to online booking. You will have direct access to the driver’s phone number and private message options by clicking the button “Contact driver[j1] ” located just above their photo.

When you contact a driver for the first time, they receive an SMS notifying them of your message.

You also have access to your message exchanges from the “Messages” tab on you dashboard.

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