Adding additional ride details

A ride with full details attracts three times more passengers, so it is best to give as much information about your ride as possible on your publication.

To add/update additional ride details:

  1. Select your publication in Your Rides 
  2. Tap Edit your publication > Seats and options
  3. Add your additional ride details

What to write in your ride details

Reduce the number of repetitive questions asked by potential passengers by giving additional details about your ride, such as:

  • Flexible about where and when to meet? Indicate your flexibility.

  • Detours don't bother you? Let passengers know you can make stopovers.

  • Got limited space in your boot? Specify your luggage preferences.

Already have bookings? Keep your passengers in the loop by letting them know your availability for messaging and clarifying your meeting point, for example, if you have a specific landmark in mind.


Note that we moderate the contents of the ride details and will not approve those that:

  • List a phone number (your mobile number should already be part of your profile)

  • Contain an email address

  • List a different price from the one in your publication

  • Propose a different number of available seats

  • Are vague or ambiguous

  • Are aggressive, menacing or insulting

  • Mention other websites or links


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