Your ride alerts

Can’t find a ride? Many drivers publish their rides only a few days in advance, and we are confident you’ll find your perfect ride soon by setting up a ride alert. 

To create a ride alert:

  1. Go to Find a ride
  2. Enter where you are Leaving from and Going to
  3. Select the day you want to travel
  4. Click Search
  5. Review, then tap Create a ride alert (at the bottom of the results, you may need to scroll!).
  6. Already logged into your account? You’ll see a green tick confirming you’ve created an alert. Not logged in? We’ll ask you to confirm your email. 

You will automatically receive an email alert every time a driver offers a suitable ride for the date you entered. To receive alerts for a different date, you will need to create a new alert. 

To delete a ride alert:

  1. Go to your email alert
  2. Select Delete this alert at the bottom of the email

You will no longer receive alerts for that specific ride. 

Note: Once you’ve booked a ride for the route that you created an alert for, we automatically delete the alert for you.

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