What if a passenger wants to ask me a question?

In most cases, the necessary information (departure points, stopovers, duration etc.) is available on the ride offer. However there are times when some extra clarifications might be necessary.

We've found that passengers often ask the same three questions:

Are there any more seats available?

-> The number of available seats shown on your offer is now automatically updated after each booking. So passengers no longer need to ask you this, they can just book online right away!

Where are you going?

-> This information appears on your ride offer. However passengers might ask you for clarification about the specific departure and arrival points.

What time are you leaving?

-> This information is also available on your ride offer, but passengers might want to know if you're willing to be flexible.

Other questions may include:

- What size luggage will you accept?

- Can they bring a cat or dog?

- Would you be willing to make a detour?

Anticipate their questions by filling out your preferences on your profile and by providing as much information as possible in your ride details.

If you do this, you'll save time, avoid unnecessary questions and passengers will have all the necessary information right away!

It's important to note that the public questions are only intended for getting clarification on certain details - they're not for making direct contact with other members before booking or for bypassing the site.

Please also note that as these are public questions they are available on the ride offer for other passengers to see. They can therefore read the answers you've already given, which helps you to avoid being asked the same questions repeatedly.

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