Setting up PayPal

Connecting your PayPal account

To use PayPal to receive your money, you will need to first activate your PayPal account before adding it as a transfer method on BlaBlaCar. Then you'll need to set up your transfer method on BlaBlaCar using the same email associated with your PayPal account. 

Note: Paypal has its own verification process & requirements. If these requirements apply to you, any BlaBlaCar transfers will be deposited in your PayPal account after the PayPal verification process is complete. 

Receiving your money 

Make sure PayPal is set as your Default transfer method and you’ll automatically receive your money there within 3 business days after the ride if you travelled as planned.

You can also tap Request transfer — available 24hrs after ride — from your Transfers to receive your money within 1 business day.

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