What type of luggage can I take on the bus?

You can take two pieces of hand luggage and two pieces of luggage in the hold. If you're travelling with a child, you can also stow a push-chair in the hold.

Hand luggage:
To be considered as hand luggage it must be possible to place your personal belongings; either above or under your seat.

Luggage in the hold:
All luggage stowed in the hold must comply with the following specifications (except for pushchairs):

      • Dimensions: the total of the 3 dimensions (length, width, depth) of your luggage must not exceed 200cm.
      • Weight: max 23kg

Your luggage can be :

      • Winter sports equipment: 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of skis/snowboard
      • Summer sports equipment: surf board, body board, kite surf (board sail)
      • Musical instruments: packed in a rigid case
      • Folding bicycle
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