How do I use my bus credit voucher?

You can use your credit voucher to make a bus booking on BlaBlaCar.

Please note!

Vouchers can only be used on bus bookings.

In order to benefit from this voucher, all you have to do is enter the reference number quoted above in the designated field when paying for your next bus reservation on BlaBlaCar. You'll find this on the payment page under the tab "voucher".

If you cancel a bus booking paid for with a voucher, the voucher is automatically refunded (unless it was a promotional or gift voucher) . You won't receive another one. In this case, the expiry and circulation end date on the voucher won't be amended.

BlaBlaCar bus vouchers are not nominative. BlaBlaCar bus vouchers are not refundable. If the bus booking that you've tried to make using a voucher doesn't go through, please wait 30 minutes before booking again, otherwise your voucher is blocked for this time.

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