How to book Instant Bookings and regular publications

You've found the perfect ride, and you're ready to book!

Depending on the type of ride publication, you can either book instantly or send a booking request.

To book a carpool:

  1. Go to the ride publication
  2. If you see flash.svg, the ride has Instant Booking
  3. Click Continue
  4. Check over the booking details, then click Book

What's next?

If the ride has Instant Bookingflash.svg, you're good to go. If the ride is a regular publication, the driver must approve or decline your booking request within 3 hours. 

If the driver approves your booking request, you'll get an email booking confirmation, and your payment method will be charged. If they decline or don't respond within 3 hours, there's no charge, and you can book a different ride instead. 

If you want to book immediately and bypass the approval process, simply filter your search to show only Instant Booking rides!

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