Adding / updating a transfer method

To get paid for your completed carpool ride, you will need to set up your preferred transfer method.

Setting up / updating a transfer method:

  1. Go to your Profile > Account > Transfer methods
  2. Select the type of transfer method you want to use
  3. Add the requested info and press Save

When you change your transfer method details, the most up-to-date method becomes your default.

Getting paid

After your ride, we take 24 hours to confirm that everything went well for both the driver and passenger.

Once your ride is confirmed, you can request to transfer your money from your Transfers page. If you do not request your transfer within 24 hours, it will be automatically sent to your preferred transfer method specified on your account profile. 

Once your transfer is sent, you can always check the status of your transfer.

Choosing a default transfer method

If you've set up more than one transfer method, you can choose a default method by selecting Default choice from your Transfer methods.

Types of transfer methods

Here’s more information about adding the available payment types:

  • Bank transfer/direct deposit: Use info from a check to enter your bank details (transfer/direct deposit sort code and account number). Wait for a small deposit to confirm your account is ready.
  • PayPal: Make sure that your account is activated on PayPal before adding it as a transfer method.

Digital banks: We currently accept Revolut accounts with French or Lithuanian IBANs (beginning with FR or LT) and Wise accounts. We do not accept Monzo accounts. We can only make SEPA Direct Debit payments to UK bank accounts at the moment. If you are having issues with transfers to a digital bank, we recommend uploading another bank account on your profile or getting your money through your PayPal account.ugh your PayPal account.

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