Managing my notifications

To keep you on top of things, BlaBlaCar sends you notifications by SMS, push and email.

To manage your notifications settings:

  1. Go to your Profile > Account  
  2. Select Notifications, emails & SMS

You will be able to select the types of notifications you want to receive or opt out of. Here are the type of notifications BlaBlaCar sends:

  • Promotions and tips: Promotions, platform updates, and newsletters
  • Messages: Communication from drivers and passengers 
  • Reminders: Booking reminders or tips for a successful ride
  • Account support: Information about your rides, your account, and member support requests
  • Info about your ride: Updates on your booking status and booking confirmations 

You will only receive text messages with important info about bookings and cancellations by text (SMS). All other messages are sent by email or push notifications. To benefit from receiving push notifications, you will need to download the BlaBlaCar app. 

You can choose the types of notifications you receive by managing your notifications. However, you can permanently turn off notifications:

  • Push: On your mobile device’s setting, turn off notifications for the BlaBlaCar app
  • Email: Click Unsubscribe in the email you receive

To ensure you can be contacted with important information, you cannot turn off SMS or email notifications related to your booking, account activity, legal updates, and member support requests.

Not receiving your notifications? Find out why you no longer receive your notifications.

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