Bikes, wheelchairs and equipment

Bikes & equipment

Most bus companies have similar luggage policies when travelling with bicycles or oversized luggage. However, we recommend contacting the bus company indicated on your ticket. 

For BlaBlaCar Bus, the following luggage can be stowed in the hold and is considered one piece of luggage:

  • Bicycle
    • Must be foldable and placed in a protective cover
    • The length, width and depth don't exceed 200cm
    • Weighs less than 23kg
  • Winter sports equipment:
    •  1 pair of shoes & 1 pair of skis/snowboard
  • Summer sports equipment: 
    • Surfboard
    • Bodyboard
    • Kite surf (board sail)
  • Musical instrument: 
    • Must be packed in a rigid case



Our buses are equipped to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs. When booking your bus ride, make sure you mention that you're travelling or accompanying a passenger in a wheelchair.

Note: A pram or push-chair doesn't count as a piece of luggage. 


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