About recommended pricing

We recommend a contribution per passenger on your rides. These suggestions help you set fair contributions for your rides (those most likely to get your seats filled!), but can still be adjusted within a margin of our recommendation.

We help you with the price to make it easy to share your costs, but also to prevent people from profiting from carpooling.

How the recommended is price calculated

The amount you see is calculated based on what will help you save the most on your travel costs (fuel, wear and tear, etc.) for a given ride. It’s also specific to how far you’re going, with a set amount for each mile you’re travelling (£0.11 / mile per passenger).

It might also help you to know that rather than setting a different amount depending on what country you publish the ride in, the contribution and currency are based on the departure town or city, which is more simple and transparent for everyone, no matter where they’re located.

When your ride includes stopovers, we use the departure city to calculate the contribution for that leg, too.

For example, if your ride is published from London to Paris with a stopover in Calais, the amount for the whole ride from London to Paris will be calculated with British pricing because the departure city is in the UK, just like the London to Calais leg. However, the amount between Calais and Paris will be calculated with French pricing since the departure city is in France.

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