🏁 Trip Details - Locales

Available locales and their associated currencies are:

Locale Default Currency Alternative Currency
de_AT "EUR"  
pt_BR "EUR"  
cs_CZ "CZK"  
de_DE "EUR"  
en_GB "GBP" "EUR"
es_ES "EUR"  
fr_FR "EUR"  
fr_BE "EUR"  
hr_HR "HRK"  
hu_HU "HUF"  
en_IN "INR"  
it_IT "EUR"  
es_MX "MXN"  
nl_NL "EUR"  
nl_BE "EUR"  
pl_PL "PLN"  
pt_PT "EUR"  
ro_RO "RON"  
sr_Latn_RS "RSD"  
ru_RU "RUB" "UAH"
sk_SK "EUR"  
tr_TR "TRY"  
uk_UA "UAH" "RUB"

If there is an alternative currency for the locale of the user, you may add the "cur" parameter to have results in a specific currency:

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