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Get the details of a specific trip

GET /api/v2/trips/{Trip_ID}

Example: https://public-api.blablacar.com/api/v2/trips/123456789-paris-angers

URL Parameters

Name Type Required Description Example
Trip_ID String Required Identifier of the requested trip 123456789-paris-angers


Query Parameters

Name Type Required Description Example
locale String Required

Available locales and their possible currencies are detailed here

_format String Required "json" or "xml" json



Name Type Comment
links Object Links to the corresponding trip
departure_date string

Locale Date of departure of the trip
(format: JJ/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS)
example: 05/09/2019 11:20:00

departure_date_iso8601 string

Date of departure of the trip
(format: iso8601)
example: 2019-09-05T11:20:00+01:00

is_passed bool Has the trip already started
departure_place Place Object Place of departure of the trip
arrival_place Place Object Place of arrival of the trip
departure_meeting_point Place Object Related Meeting point for the departure
price Price Object Price of 1 seat
price_with_commission Price Object Full Price including the commission
price_without_commission Price Object Net Price asked by the driver
commission Price Object Value of the commission
seats_left int Number of available seats
seats int Number of seats on the trip
seats_count_origin int Initial number of seats on the trip
duration Value Object Value and unity of the trip duration
distance Value Object Value and unity of the trip distance
permanent_id string Permanent identifier of the trip
main_permanent_id string Identifier of the main trip, if this one is a subtrip 
comment string Comment of trip as published by the driver
car Car Object Associated car the trip
viaggio_rosa bool Is this a women only trip?
is_comfort bool Is this a "max 2 in the back seats" trip?
freeway bool Will the trip use an highway?
stop_overs Array of Places  Array of stopovers for the trip
bucketing_eligible bool Eligible to bucketing?
booking_mode string The booking approval mode, one of "auto", "manual"
booking_type string The payment type, one of "online", "onboard"
is_booking_allowed Object Is it possible to book on this trip?
view_count int Number of display of this trip
cross_border_alert true Is this trip crossing a border?
trip_plan Array of Places Itinerary planned for the trip
messaging_status string "public" or "private" 
passengers Array of Passengers Passengers already booked on the same trip
display_contact bool Is it possible to contact the driver?
vehicle_pictures Array of   
can_report bool Is it possible to report the driver? 

The format of each response object is detailed here.

Click here to see a Json example

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