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Objects Format

Here are the formats used by our API:

  • Links
Name Type Comment
_self string API link to the resource
_front string Front web URL link to the resource
  • Pager
Name Type Comment
page int Number of the current page
pages int Total number of pages
total int Total number of results
limit int Current number of results per page
  • Trip
Name Type Comment
links Object Links to the corresponding trip
departure_date string

Locale Date of departure of the trip
(format: JJ/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS)
example: 05/09/2019 11:20:00

departure_date_iso8601 string

Date of departure of the trip
(format: iso8601)
example: 2019-09-05T11:20:00+01:00

is_passed bool Has the trip already started
departure_place Place Object Place of departure of the trip
arrival_place Place Object Place of arrival of the trip
departure_meeting_point Place Object Related Meeting point for the departure
price Price Object Price of 1 seat
price_with_commission Price Object Full Price including the commission
price_without_commission Price Object Net Price asked by the driver
commission Price Object Value of the commission
seats_left int Number of available seats
seats int Number of seats on the trip
seats_count_origin int Initial number of seats on the trip
duration Value Object Value and unity of the trip duration
distance Value Object Value and unity of the trip distance
permanent_id string Permanent identifier of the trip
main_permanent_id string Identifier of the main trip, if this one is a subtrip 
comment string Comment of trip as published by the driver
car Car Object Associated car the trip
viaggio_rosa bool Is this a women only trip?
is_comfort bool Is this a "max 2 in the back seats" trip?
freeway bool Will the trip use an highway?
stop_overs Array of Places  Array of stopovers for the trip
bucketing_eligible bool Eligible to bucketing?
booking_mode string The booking approval mode, one of "auto", "manual"
booking_type string The payment type, one of "online", "onboard"
is_booking_allowed Object Is it possible to book on this trip?
view_count int Number of display of this trip
cross_border_alert true Is this trip crossing a border?
trip_plan Array of Places Itinerary planned for the trip
messaging_status string "public" or "private" 
passengers Array of Passengers Passengers already booked on the same trip
display_contact bool Is it possible to contact the driver?
vehicle_pictures Array of   
can_report bool Is it possible to report the driver? 

The format of each response object is detailed here.

Click here to see a Json example

  • Facet
Name Type Comment
name string Name of this property. May be "seats", "date", "hour", "price", "photo", "experience" or "car_comfort"
type string Type of this value, may be "checkbox", "radio" or "custom"
items  Array of facet item  
  • Facet item
Name Type Comment
value int Value of the facet
count int Count of elements which match the value
is_selected bool Is this element part of the current response? 
  • Place
Name Type Comment
city_name string City Name of the place
address string Address of the place
latitude float Latitude coordinate
longitude float Longitude coordinate
  • Price
Name Type Comment
value int Amount of the price
currency string Currency
symbol string Symbol of the currency
string_value string Formated value, as it should be displayed
price_color string One of "GREEN", "ORANGE", "RED", "BLACK"
  • Value
Name Type Comment
value int Amount of the value
unity string Unity of the value
  • Car
Name Type Comment
model string Model of the car
make string Maker of the car
comfort string Possible values: "Luxury", "Comfortable", "Normal"
comfort_nb_star int Integer value of the comfort
category string Category of the car




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