📦 Trip Details - Object response formats

Here are the formats used by our API:


Name Type Comment
_self String API link to the resource
_front String Front web URL link to the resource



Name Type Comment
city_name String City name of the place
address String Address of the place
latitude Float Latitude coordinate
longitude Float Longitude coordinate



Name Type Comment
value int Amount of the price
currency String Currency
symbol String Symbol of the currency
string_value String Formatted value, as it should be displayed
price_color String One of "GREEN", "ORANGE", "RED", "BLACK" (Deprecated)



Name Type Comment
value Integer Amount of the value
unity String Unity of the value



Name Type Comment
model String Model of the car
make String Maker of the car
comfort String Possible values: "Luxury", "Comfortable", "Normal"
comfort_nb_star Integer Integer value of the comfort
category String Category of the car




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